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Ralph Lauren Cheap this local delicacy was

Easter in Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet the good old days Nearly 200 long ago, dora harcourt wrote to her father in london declaring that of the christmas traditions and customs in whitehaven.Remarkably, a few of them still continue. She was staying with friends in whitehaven and her father obviously had a desire for folklore so asked her to detail any customs she starts with a visit by the mummers enacting st george and the dragon great spirit this tradition continues to this day at st bees, a coastal village just south of whitehaven as it does in plenty of villages around england.Mummers visit the pubs of st bees on christmas eve completing a strange play in which alexander, saint george, the king of egypt and other amazing figures speak in rhyming doggerel.The hero and bad guy fight, one of them being mortally hurt.A quack doctor is called in and the victim unbelievely restored ready to fight another day.Its origins and meanings are argued over ad infinitum by the folklore lovers but to the villagers of st bees is just a good bit of fun, an excuse for a pub crawl and it likewise raises money for the rnli. Dora next bit of country quaintness is carol singing by any nearby children.The tradition of children going door to door singing carols has all but died out in whitehaven but more organised carolling can be found in high street shops or in schools and churches.Dora children were compensated with a swig of ale.She submitted:Large old silver tankard was produced, furnished with pegs stuck in at regular intervals so each child was made to drink what filled the space between two pegs and i was made to recognise the literal meaning of one spirits being a peg too low society today would frown on such a reward for children singing carols so a few pence are usually thrown Ralph Lauren Polo UK into the hat. Dora also writes of festive food in whitehaven in 1820 a dough figure that represent the virgin holy infant.That you will find a nice tradition to revive but whitehaven still has one delicious christmas tradition:Rum butter.Legend says that Ralph Lauren Cheap this local delicacy was experienced by smugglers whose store of ill gotten gains were left in a cave overnight.Most morning they found some rum had spilled into the butter.Rum butter complements Christmas pudding wonderfully but it is also served with biscuits or crackers at baptisms and other occasions. But the best christmas legend concerning whitehaven is the tale of the betsey jane a ghostly tall ship that tries to get into whitehaven harbour on christmas morning before foundering on rocks.The tale is that the ship was organ of the slave trade and was heading home laden with rum, spices too riches(As opposed to much local conviction, no slaves were ever landed in whitehaven the slaves were left at the americas or caribbean and the whitehaven boudn ships then rich in tobacco, rum as well as).The captain was determined to escape into port for christmas day, seducing fate by sailing into whitehaven on this holiest of days.The ship and crew were lost on giltstone rock but it ghost and those of the sailors can be seen it is said on christmas morning trying once more to find yourself in Cheap Ralph Lauren UK harbour.It always struck me that whitehaven could have a glorious christmas festival each year having a tall ship, spirits and, as well as, a large amount of rum!For now, it off to st bees and the wondering mummers.

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